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Title: Story from the fortune teller
Post by: Miri Thorel on January 07, 2018, 06:43:15 pm
I meant to share this sooner but I forgot.

Some of us played a game with the fortune teller who visited the gala. It was a game where we had to act out words and phrases and other people had to guess them. He had written the things we had to act out on little slips of paper. The backs of the slips of paper had a story on them. The print was really small, but Hazel was able to read it out to me and I wrote it down. This is the story:

Here I have a story to tell you. Once there was a great kingdom. Its center was a golden city, and all were well fed and happy. Then the darkness came, and the people grew frightened and called to their Queen and begged for help. The Queen heard their cries, and, with the help of her court, fought bravely against the dark. As the kingdom approached victory, the Queen sought to wrap her people in peace. She bent all her power to protect her people and in the end, light returned to the kingdom. The people were grateful to their queen and a great cry of thanksgiving rose from the land. Still there were those who would not accept the safety the queen gave the land. They were touched by the darkness and drank in the lies of the night. They began to speak against the queen and her court. They worked in the darkness they loved to bring chaos and despair to the people of the land. Their words spread like ink on a page, threatening to wipe out what had been done and from mortal mouths came immortal words and the darkness began to seep through the protections the queen had created. The queen grew sad. Would all her work be undone by those who could not remember the pain the darkness brought? The court cried to their queen, ďDo not be sad. We have found a great light that will banish the darkness from those who would serve it.Ē And they showed the queen a rainbow of colors that delighted her. The queen and her [illegible] together sent the light to all her people. All were amazed by the light, even those with darkness in their hearts, and all were brought together by the joy of the dazzling light. When all was bright again and the people were once more safe in the land, the queen ordered the light to be sent to the far corners of the land so that all the lands would be illuminated. The darkness lurking at the edges of the land would be banished. But she kept for herself one small bit of light that she might be forever delighted by it. And so it was and so it still might be.

I donít know what this means, but it sort of makes me think of the Nightmare war, and maybe the queen is the Lady of Dreams? Iím just speculating, though, I donít really know.