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Title: Visit to the lower level of the Keep of the Farseer
Post by: Miri Thorel on December 19, 2017, 04:05:23 pm
I've been meaning to tell about this and kept forgetting.

Tasi did a pathfold, based on information from Onyx, back to the lower level of the Keep of the Farseer (the place we stopped for a day in the winter, where we found the plaques). We found several more plaques that looked a lot like the earlier ones (they're transcribed somewhere around here). We also found one of the constructs pinned beneath some blocks, and the bones of a person. That person's ghost was also there, repeating her last moments over and over again. She was Zhek, and we found her sash with the bones. The ghost asked the construct to record her last words. We couldn't hear the last words, but Shoshann was able to activate the construct and we got a piece of paper with them written on it. I don't remember them all exactly, but she said something about the people who killed her having taken her silver bracelets, including one with a rose design that had been her grandmothers. (Weird that a Zhek would have silver bracelets!) It also said something about wondering if anyone below survived - which makes me wonder if there's another level down that we don't know about. I didn't get a chance to ask Onyx about that.

She seemed to recognize the people who came to kill her (we couldn't see them, of course) and be surprised by them being there. I think I remember from the other ghost, the one we saw in the upper level, that the people who were supposedly guarding them betrayed and killed them.

I don't have all the notes, but that's what I remember of what happened. We weren't able to put the ghost to rest like we did the first one from the upper level, but I bet if we found and returned her bracelet that might do it.