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Title: Sushi Gathering - Sunday January 21st in Rocky Hill CT
Post by: Tasi on January 03, 2018, 07:48:11 pm
Based on a FB poll, we have picked January 21st at 1 PM to gather and share a meal.  Hope to see you there!

Sushi House
394 Cromwell Ave
Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Sushi House has an All You Can Eat prepared to order option which includes:

Sushi Menu with an assortment of:
** Sashimi (just fish) - 1 piece per order
** Negiri (protein on rice) - 1 piece per order
** Maki (roll) - 5-8 pieces per order
** Special Maki (big roll with multiple ingredients) - 5-8 pieces per order

Kitchen menu with an assortment of:
** Salads including garden, crabmeat, seaweed - 1 per order
** Soups including udon, mushroom, miso - 1 per order
** Appetizers including dumplings, spring rolls, and edamame - 1-2 pieces per order or a bowl of edamame
** Tempura including protein and veggies - 1 piece per order
** Teryaki (sauce) or Katzu (breaded & fried) - 3-4 oz of protein per order sliced into bite sized pieces
** Desserts - fruit, ice cream, red bean cake(?)

NOTE - the tempura banana dessert is no longer included on the AYCE menu.

Please feel free to e-mail me directly with questions: kiera underscore fq at yahoo