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Title: The Death of Jethe Yorik
Post by: Mercutio Coil on April 16, 2018, 08:46:20 am
Greeting Champions,

I am looking for information pertaining to the death of Jethe Yorik. If anyone has the ability to investigate the circumstances of her death between the now and the next gathering I am willing to pay 50 spires for the effort. Should this information lead to those responsible for her death I will pay significantly more.

If you are available or interested please reach out to me directly and I will share any details I have that may assist in this endeavor.

In service,
Mercutio Coil
Title: Re: The Death of Jethe Yorik
Post by: Chel Verdansk on April 16, 2018, 01:15:02 pm

I 'ave talked about it a bit before, 'ere (http://"http://evensonglarp.org/smf/index.php?topic=116.0").  (About halfway down.)  She told me 'er name was Chassi when she was dere.  I can give you more information, eit'er in dis discussion or more privately.  Unfortunately, I 'ave not 'ad time to properly follow up on what I know.

Title: Re: The Death of Jethe Yorik
Post by: Misia on April 17, 2018, 06:25:41 pm
Chel and I both were there when she died. We thought the suddenness of her death warrented more exploration, so we searched her and found a vial. I was able to speak to her spirit briefly before it made its way to the Fells, and found out the name of her apothecary and that she thought it unlikely that anyone wanted to hurt her (thought she added a name as an afterthought). I believe Chel has both of those names.

Chel asked Serai to do a divination, and it was revealed that the medicine in the bottle was 1/3 of what caused her death.  Perhaps Chel can add more.

Someone told me as an aside that Chassi was well-acquainted with one of the gentlemen at the gala, but not with his wife.  I had just arrived to the gala, so had met none of the dignitaries, so the name escaped me.

Serai had this to say: I had had a vision, for lack of a better term, about someone holding a glass of wine; in the glass was a skull. They drank the wine, then felt odd, as though they were under the influence of more than alcohol. Turning, they saw someone that they considered a love; their love had been kept secret, but they were overcome with the desire to confess everything.

There was a noble couple present from the City of Dreams; he is on the Council and had voted for Morgan Shepherd despite pushback. While his wife was elsewhere, he and Chassi had an exchange while getting drinks that suggested they already knew each other (she had said, "It's nice to see you" before correcting herself to "It's nice to meet you.").

She told me she wasn't feeling well and needed to take her medication, then had it with a glass of wine. She then said she was feeling worse, so she and Chel went outside, where she collapsed and apparently couldn't be healed. The rest has already been covered, I think.

I had assumed she was also from the City of Dreams because she was affiliated with the noble, but on the other hand, that doesn't mean that that was where she started. She was wearing a mask so I don't know if she had a mark on her.

I unfortunately can't remember the names of the couple."
Title: Re: The Death of Jethe Yorik
Post by: Serai on April 17, 2018, 06:31:30 pm
Actually, it was Shoshann who did the Divination; my abilities currently don't include that particular skill. I simply had a vision about her death, and when you happened on Chel and her body outside the gala, I had told you she was the mistress of one of the gentlemen at the gala along with the other information that you quoted.

I am interested in knowing what happens with this; she seemed like a kind person. Additionally, I'm acquainted with the fact that her patron is now unhappy with the Expedition due to what happened with her.

Title: Re: The Death of Jethe Yorik
Post by: Mercutio Coil on May 02, 2018, 12:26:04 pm

I am currently dedicating my time to trying to figure out the truth behind Jethe's death. I have a few solid clues that should guide my investigation well thanks to the discussion here and some side discussions that were had. I will share my findings with others once my research is complete and I have had time to share said information with her Most Favored Sigeo Boniface.

In service,
Mercutio Coil